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Supporting individuals with disabilities as they explore work and social opportunities in the community

Stop by Next Chapter Books, 2 Daniels Farm Road, Trumbull to see the students in action!!


Welcome to the Friends of ELITE, Inc. website.  Friends of ELITE is an organization whose goal it is to support the students of ELITE, the Trumbull transitional program for students with disabilities between the ages of 18 and 22. As a Friends group, we strive to assist these students as they explore the world of work and social opportunities in the community.

Friends of ELITE is a newly formed organization. During this our first year, we’ve established ourselves as a non-profit corporation completing all the necessary legal documents. We’ve written by-laws and established a Board of Directors and Officers. Our goal this year is to establish a membership base and form committees to support our mission. (link to membership information)

We typically meet monthly. Check our Meetings Information page (link) for details.

On this site, you will have an opportunity to become a member of Friends of ELITE. It’s free!  As a member, you will receive information about programs, events, and fundraising activities. We’d love to have you join! (link to membership page)

At the heart of Friends of ELITE, we are community members – parents, teachers, friends and families – with a goal of including individuals with disabilities into our community work and social fabric. We hope you get involved in any way that works for you! And we hope you find answers and ideas on our site.